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Climactic Climate Calamity and Concomitant Collapse of Civilisation

Is civilizational collapse now inevitable? Have we just crossed the cascaded tipping points of climate? Is climate change now irreversible? God forbid. Ferocious bushfires in California and Australia, flash floods in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, destructive hurricanes in Carolina, Atlantic, and Vietnam, ravaging droughts in Puerto Rico, and devastating locust and disease outbreaks around theContinue reading “Climactic Climate Calamity and Concomitant Collapse of Civilisation”

Slaughtering Neoliberalism before it Slaughters Us

The onslaught of Neoliberalism has pushed humans, earth, and other species to the brink of extinction just for its insatiable lust for profit. In the current neoliberal economies, basic social services from health and education to clean water and proper sanitation cease to exist and are marketized. The privatization of public enterprises is not aContinue reading “Slaughtering Neoliberalism before it Slaughters Us”

The Bleeding Kashmir

Kashmir is bleeding out of its fatal wound delivered by fascist India through scrapping articles of autonomy (370 & 35A). Since then, politicians are under preventive detention, and the valley is placed under information siege with phone dead, internet cut, and people locked. The act is the manifestation of Hindutva ideology to bring back theContinue reading “The Bleeding Kashmir”

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